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1940s -1950s

The year was 1943 and the United States was in the middle of WW2. People were open to the gospel and churches were growing. Some people from area churches felt led by God to plant a Church of God congregation on the south side of Springfield. It began in a house on the corner of Clifton Ave. and Rose St. Rev. AP Cain was called to be the first pastor of the emerging congregation. If you could step back in time, these are some of the very songs you might have heard filling the house where the church met.
In the early years of our church it was first called Southside Church of God and then known as Third Church of God, now Clifton Avenue Church of God.

1960s -1970s

As the church moved into the 60s and 70s, growth and change continued. Rev. Don Cox was called as an associate pastor to work alongside Bro. Cain. Brother Cox was later called to pastor a church in Beechgrove, Indiana. When Brother Cain went to be with Jesus, the Lord brought Rev. Clifford Corns to shepherd the flock. 

Many of you recall the cultural revolution that took place in the 60s & 70s. With those changes came shifts in ministry styles. The bus ministry was growing in popularity. I have fond memories going door to door with Kathy Mann inviting people to join us. And many people came to Jesus!

Brother Cox returned to Clifton Ave. as the Senior Pastor. We had amazing Associate Pastor’s during this time including Rev. Marvin Middlebrooks and Rev. Tom Armentrout. 

1980s - 1990s

The 1980s and 1990s were years when Clifton Ave, continued to see the faithfulness of the Lord. The church responded in various ways to minister to the changing neighborhood. When Brother Don Cox retired, the church called Rev. Sam Wollum to be the pastor. The food pantry was started during this time and continues to care for the needs of 100s of people each month. 

The church was blessed with several Associate Pastors, retired pastors and student interns in the 80s & 90s including Rev. Rod Campbell, Rev. Tom Hopkins, Brother Bruce Beddingfield, Brother Jeff Keadle, Rev. Clarence Lott, Rev. Trent Freed, Joe Shouse, Rich Fitzwater and Rev. Ted Corns. So many lives were touched by these godly men and their wives. 

2000s - now

The years kept rolling by as we entered into the 21st century. When Pastor Sam Wollum retired, the Lord sent Pastors David & Tina Cotto to lead us into new ministries to reach our community for Jesus. We are now involved with Kid’s Hope , Promise Neighborhood and Celebrate Recovery.

We are a Church in the heart of the City with a heart for the City.  We are committed to building partnerships with other members of the Body of Christ to work on the community transformation of our neighborhood.  We have impacted Lincoln Elementary School with volunteers and resources to serve the children and partnered with Northminster Presbyterian Church, Springfield Christian Youth Ministries, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Lawrenceville Church of God and Promise Neighborhood to provide hope to hundreds of needy families through our Pantry, the Christmas Store, the Christmas banquet and our Back-2-School celebrations.  We are an active training ground for inner city ministry opportunities that have shaped young ministers into effective leaders.  Our own Chad & Debbie Vickers are now serving as Co-Pastors of the New Song Fellowship in Fairborn and we can't wait to see what God will do next.  This year our theme is "Prayerfully Serene in 2015".  Come join us if you want to learn how to keep your cool while living in troubled times.

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